UProperty and ALevelSequenceActor errors


class ALevelSequenceActor* Cutscene;

Works fine, but both

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere) class ALevelSequenceActor* Cutscene;
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere) TSubclassOf<class ALevelSequenceActor> Cutscene;

Cause the following errors in MyProject.generated.h

The goal is to make this variable visible to the editor so I can eyedrop Sequence actors in from the scene, or drag one in from the content browser. Is this a legit bug or is there some other odd workaround to get these working?


Are there other errors? For example, if I put #1 in LevelSequenceEditorSettings.h for example, I get an error: Property is exposed to the editor or blueprints but has no Category specified. So you need: UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category=Whatever) class ALevelSequenceActor* CutScene;

Do you have a dependency in your build.cs to LevelSequence?

Having a category or not didn’t seem to make a difference, though a dependency to LevelSequence solved it, thankyou :). Sorry about the false bug report, I read in another answer that the dependency to use was LevelSequenceEditor.

Though for future reference, where could I have found that module name on my own? Various googles for Sequencer/modules/dependencies/etc returns no usable results. I feel like many c++ features of Unreal are hidden away, only for those that already know the engine well enough to dig through the source.