Uproject association problem in Windows 8

I just installed the engine on windows 8.1 pro. However, the default program association is not set for the uproject files.

  1. How do I set this?
  2. How do I get the options to switch unreal engine on the mouse menu when I right click the UProject?


Hi Devero,

What version of the Engine did you install, and did you install the binary version through the Launcher, or did you build the Engine from source code?

The engine 4.4.3 was installed through the launcher.

Basically, I have a remote team member installing the engine for the first time and I found out he checked off not to “Fix” the file association when it was installed.

Since posting my question, I had him “Open With” the engine binary from the install location. It has a black Unreal icon instead of blue, and I don’t have the options when I right click the .uproject. (Launch Game, Generate Project Files, Switch Engine Versions…)


So, Let me explain in more detail on what I’m trying to do. We have a small team and I’ve been getting each person up and running on the engine.

We have Github version 4.4.0 as our engine code base. The programmers and level designer have the github engine running the Editor just fine.

I started to add one of the artist so he could start on some work in the material editor and textures in the game, however he is working remote. I had him do the following:

1) Download the Launcher & Install 4.4.3 from the launcher

2) Using Perforce, download just the Game project and not the github engine version

3) Open the UProject file, its says its out of date and would you like to recompile

4) The compile fails and then says the game module does not appear to be up to date.  Please recompile this module.

I was able to do this test on a test pc I have locally but was able to recompile the module and start up the Editor. I know that the Artist doesn’t have visual studio or anything, is that a requirement for this?

Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

Ok, So I figured out what was tripping me up. Since the artist could not rebuild the module for the new Engine Association, it would error off.

To fix this issue, I rebuilt the dlls on my machine for the 4.4.3 launcher engine, gave him the new dlls, and it worked :slight_smile: