UPoseableMesh and bind pose


I’m driving character using UPoseableMesh and data from motion capture (using global translations/rotations).
Everything works fine except feet - in motion capture environment reference frame of the foot segment is
aligned in a different way than in Persona.

Both skeletons are in the same bind/initial pose (in UE and in the mocap env.), but in mocap env. I have feet segment’s
main axis pointing along the segment and in UE this main axis is pointing down.

My solution would be to calculate offset rotation between those two bind poses (UE and mocap env.) and
apply it as a “fix”, so I don’t have to hardcode any values and bone names.

My question is - how do I access bind pose through UPoseableMesh interface? (I’m interested in given bone
translation/rotation in global reference frame or how can I calculate this difference?)