Upon overlap, Destroy a coin?

My instructor assigned us this:

Make a “Coin”

When the player overlaps the coin,

destroy the coin and increment  

the variable that stores the  

number of coins collected  

Create an integer in the level blueprint

to store how many coins the player  

has collected  

Use the Print String node to show how many

coins the player has collected  

Import some new art for a different platform


  • Make the coin spin around

  • How to reset the camera after exiting


First issue is, I can’t walk through the coin (flattened cylinder), or even cause the overlap because I don’t know how to remove the collision of the geometry cylinder.

Second issue is, I dont know how to reference the coin/cylinder in blueprints so I can destroy it.

Will post new questions as I progress.

Incredibly familiar with the galaxy editor in starcraft 2. Some things carry over to but unreal is feeling very backwards.

Im not asking anyone to do it for me. I’m trying to learn and these nodes are confusing.

“Do my homework for me?”

Well there you go. Expanding it to be a question rather than an assignment is a good step. Just gotta change your settings to overlap rather than block, and then use the overlap event. Collision in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

I have the coin selected. To the right there is a “Details” with the following categories “transform” “Brush Settings” “Surface Material” “Geometry” “Surface Properties” and “Actor”… Where will I change the settings from block to overlap? maybe I’m missing a category? I’m not seeing Block anywhere. Only closest thing would be the brush setting from additive to subtractive but I know that does something else. Thanks for responding.