Uploading to steam, not working.

Hello! When I try to upload my small mod to steam it does work but it doesn’t seem to upload anything that I modified, just the mods information files but not the actually modifications. Also now there is many other option like, cook map, cook game mod, cook total conversation. Which one am I supposed to use?

Hey Inzann,

What type of mod are you making? Just a map? Or a game mod? Or a game mod AND map?

What option you use there all depends on what exactly your mod does/contains. Generally speaking, if you are just doing just a game mod, then you would just go with game mod. Or if its TC, then go with TC.

As for it not uploading anything you modified; Can you please navigate to this folder please (default install location if you didn’t change it) C:/Program Files/Epic Games/ArkDevKit/ModTools/Output/YourModName.

Please verify that all the files in your mod are cooking out correctly into that folder and report back. If not, then we will need to figure out what is causing the files to not cook out correctly.

I’m trying to create this by following the tutorial. So I’d say its just a game mod? When I navigate to
“E:\Epic Games\ARKDevKit\ModTools\Output\MyMod” this is what I see.

Inside WindowsNoEditor and LinuxNoEditor

Just a stab at helpfulness it appears you cooked a map when you needed a mod I would delete the folder and cook a mod then try it. I would be concerned however that all of your files are only 1k that generally means there is other problems but give it a try with the correct cook setting.

Are you including the GenericMod map “Level”(renamed to your mod name generally helps for uniqueness) and made sure it’s linked to your custom PrimalGameData also?

Also, do as Thomas has suggested. In your output folder, delete the folder that contains the cooked files, then go back into the DevKit and hit Cook Mod.

Cook Mod = Adding new things - Essentially items, dino’s, structures, etc.
Cook Map = If you’re creating a new “Level” or game world.
Cook Total Conversion = Completely overwrites core game files - You’re not doing this, so don’t worry about that one. That’s more in-depth stuff than what you’re attempting.


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