Uploading new character with new bone - not recognized

Hi, I reimport a skeleton with a new bone in it, and I see bone in the editor (also I placed a socket on it) but when I start a game (camera should be placed on CameraSocket) but it doesn’t recognize it and camera is at the character root (like in the screens). I did a print string for GetMesh()->DoesSocketExist(Camera-bone) and it returns false.
Therefore, is there something wrong with this approach or how can I make it to recognize that bone so I can attach a camera on it?

Hey @commandos-cro!

It’s hard to tell with the information given, but it is likely that your mesh is character or mesh does not have the correct mesh/skeleton set. Is there a reason you created an entirely new bone instead of adding your camera socket to the head itself.

Any additional specifics or info you provide may go a long way in solving your problem!

Hi @Quetzalcodename
I’m adding a new bone to the head since, I’m doing animations in the blender for the character (using Lyra sample) and when I export an animation to the blender, and animate there (making an FPS animations from TPS ones) and I set socket to the head bone, then character arms are working fine, but head has some different movement it’s going in the triangle, and noticed that character spine is animated as well for the character. Therefore I added a new bone on the character skeleton and reimported that mesh in the engine, but when mesh is changed (the skeleton is changed as well) and I can see the new bone on the mesh, but whenever I start the game, the camera will end up in the floor.

Hey @commandos-cro,

That is some odd behavior then if you have made sure the mesh is correct on the blueprint. Would you mind sharing screenshots of the blueprint set up itself so we can get a better look at what may be going wrong?

I’m using default Lyra Character, since that’s the test feature. Currently I’m using B_Hero_Shooter for that test, and I’ve reimported a new mesh from file to just incorporate a bone. I made a custom CameraMode to attach camera to socket name and using that CM_FirstPerson for that

Hey @commandos-cro,

It’s still hard to tell what could be going wrong without seeing the blueprints and your character set up, . Could you share those via screenshot so we can have a better understanding of what could be going wrong here?

Sure, this is my character. The character mesh is empty and at start there’s BP_PickRandomCharacter that will add the mesh. I reimported a B_Manny skeleton.

Hey @commandos-cro!

Are these examples or your current BPs? If they are your current BPs, first and maybe foremost is that you have no target or bone selected for “add character part”, and we can not see you camera settings in your details panel, more specifically if there is a parented bone.

Yes that’s my current BPs, Socket Name is not used there in the AddCharacterPart. This is my camera mode first person, where I’m attaching camera to the socket. It will run at the begin play.