Uploading Map to Steam Workshop

I am working on a small ark map and have a question on uploading it to steam. I have created a folder in the mod folder named Test map and within that folder I have a persistent level and a couple sub levels for foliage and supply crates. When I click on the steam upload I see the folder and I am able to cook it. After cooking it I can upload it and see it in my steam workshop and I can subscribe. When I launch ark and go to local game I can see the persistent level as well as the sub levels in the map section. When I try to use the test map level my game crashes. How can I fix this and what steps am I missing? Thanks in advance for any info.

You are uploading correctly, so it is probably a issue within the map itself. It could be a million things so you will need to narrow it down or post a error log. Does the game say anything when it crashes? When does it crash? Is it while loading a specific submap every time?

This is a problem. You should only see the name of your overarching persistent level here, TheCenter for example.

If you’re seeing the names of all of your sublevels, then you’ve done something wrong somewhere.

I’m not a mapper, so I can’t say for sure, but make sure your sublevels are all correctly assigned and referenced. In regards to the cook, I’m not 100% certain whether you need to include all the sublevel names, or if it’s just the Persistent level name and that provides a link to the sublevels for the cook to detect… you’d have to ask a mapper that. I would suggest asking on our Discord server, currently three out of five of our “Advanced Mappers” are online, so you may get faster help there.


you only cook and upload your persistant map, Do not include any submaps in the cook or upload

Ok I have recooked just the persistent map but when I try to load the game it crashes right after it goes to the load screen and I can see in the lower left that it was loading the test map. Here is a picture of the error.

you need to manually delete all the maps files from your ark folder, as you have already installed the broken version, you need to redownload the fixed one