Uploading images to a server via Blueprint

Hi all,

I’m working on a project that requires an image to be upload from the file system into a server. I’ve already set up the server so it reads a POST request and save the image as a file. The issue is that I can’t convert the image (got by using the Download Image node and passing the file path as param) to byte array, base64 or whatever data type I can use to send the info to the server (for example, via JSON).
How could I convert it? Or simply upload it to an URL which will be the server’s? I can’t figure it out and I’m about to give up. Any help will be much appreciated.


bumping this, was this ever solved?

Never solved in UE, at the moment I had to write an external C# tool that did that for me and call it from UE project

I’m bumping this too!

Nice, keep us updated about it :slight_smile:

We’re just writing a BP callable function to read a file (any file - not just images) as binary and return it as an array of bytes. Hopefully we’ll convert this to Base64 and upload via JSON.

I’ll post the code and BPs here when we’ve got it working. It does seem a bit crazy to go through this for what seems like basic functionality, i.e. upload an image to a server.

I did the same, only the convertion was outside unreal engine with a script and i loaded the base64 into ue4 and inserted it into a multipart form data set and sent it. The API has been updated now and requires an image and does not support base64 anymore. Anyone found a solution for this?