Uploading custom engine and editor code to private GitHub repository

Hello, my team and I need to modify the source code to implement PlayFab (networking system) and a few other custom tools for our level designers. We have a private repository and need to build the customized version of the engine so we can add it to out “stable” branch. With the file limit being 100MB how do we approach this and are there any special .gitignore extensions we have to add? Thank you!

Github supports larger than 100MB files with a paid option called LFS. You could choose to go this route. Or, you could follow Epic’s own solution, which is to keep all those dependencies in separate, and just download them at compile time.

The cleanest solution is to keep all the precompiled dlls seperate, and only commit the actual code that implements them. This should make your downloads take less time in the long run, as every change to those dlls is committed as a new file, and you download the full history of a git repository when you clone a repository. Obviously, this gets expensive quickly.