Uploaded map to steam load ark and when try to play it just goes back to main menu

I had no idea how to do any of this from the start. whatched a few videos on map making and did what i could. finally got my map uploaded to steam . My map is called Genesis map. When I subscribed it took like one sec to download. Do I have to zip file it or something, cause I have not a clue how to do any of that . I downloaded a zip file to fix the holes in the water plain but had no clue how to open it or where to put it. It had a note with the file to tell me where to put it but could not find it.I even downloded a tool to open zip files but … ya. I don’t have much computer smarts, I did cook the map ,you have to or you cannot upload.Not sure how I even got this far,and yes my map will play in the editor and when it loads up Ark in the editor. Any help would be nice…thanks

Uploading to steam: pseudo-complicated. Must have a few things filled out or it won’t “take”… Also, the “Preview Image”…yes… it MUST have something.

I have to same problem, did you have a solution found yet? I made my map, saved,cooked,uploaded and the screenshot above isnt very helpful for me since I got that all filled in as needed. When loading the map in single player it goes to the load screen, primal data, after some time it pops back to main menu. No tutorials to find how to make a map working, only how to make a map, terrain etc, but the last part isnt shown by someone… so still dont know how to get my map working and playable in singleplayer