Every time i want to upload a mod the steam cmd does not show anything and every time i have to verify my arkdev kit files in order to get the cmd to work on every upload

As in the CMD doesn’t show up or that it is displayed but there is no text?
If it’s just the no text one it seems to be ok. Mod still gets updated.

Thanks for the help its just no text will show

Correct it’s just that for some reason steamdcmd is not showing text to the window when launched by the devkit. I have a request for investigation on this, so hopefully it will get fixed by the next devkit update.

One thing to keep in mind though is if you use steamgaurd. If you do then you will still get your code, just type it into the blank window and hit enter, it will still continue uploading after that… assuming there are no errors with your upload data like image size or special characters in the text fields.

Uploading mod does not display CMD text, which has caused great trouble to us

The problem i see is with SteamGuard, how do you see the part you need to enter the code?