Upload To Steam + DevKit Crashing Problem

my first time using this software… it has crashed on me so many times that I just keep task manager open in my 2nd monitor… mostly crashes when I move, copy or rename files in the Content Browser… but also when I just click the Play button to test… dev kit is up to date v239.2 and my PC is very capable of running as far as specs go… 4ghz processor, 16gb ram, radeon R9, etc.

dealing with that but now trying to upload a test mod to steam… i have account and accounts linked… i have logged out of steam and disabled Guard on steam… when i click Upload in ark dev kit, the DOS window pops up so fast i cant read the error message… dont know if it’s possible to add a “/k” on target command of the dos prompt since it’s generated by dev kit… idk…

any help?

Don’t confuse a crash with a lockup, crashes are when the DevKit throws up a pop-up proclaiming an assertion error or access exception error(the two most common - and most of the time due to memory leaks/management issues) or just flat-out CTD’s(Crash To Desktop). The DevKit will lockup the first time you try to do anything with any of the files each and every time you open it, this is unavoidable so definitely get used to that - you can only lessen the pain of it by using a seriously beast-mode machine using hardware with development in mind - remember this is a (powerful)game engine editor.

Also, don’t be one of those people that goes around creating thread after thread, just come back to the original thread you created and post your update - posting in a thread bumps it back to the top so creating new threads for a directly related issue helps nobody is a wasted effort and just wastes space on the forums. In regards to your “update” about logging into steam through the DevKit, I understand this is for another game, but I’m sure you can follow this pretty closely to try and work through the issues… here.

Pay particular attention to Prepare SteamCMD. That should be simple enough to follow to try and get past the password barrier, if that is the actual issue.