Upload greyed out

Sorry for my ignorance here but I’ve been wanting to start modding for a while now and figured I’d start while I am on vacation. The issue we are having at the current time is that I build a simple map just to get things started following the video that is on the Epic launcher ArkDevKit screen. I did not grab the download from git however I do have my git ID in my Epic profile. So I finish the map, I save, then click upload and from there I put in a location for my for my files to cook to and when it is finished I check and only have warning no errors however the upload button is unselect able. I have an option to reset guid but that does nothing and I have tried this on multiple computers with one having ark installed and the other I use for development so there are no games installed both having the same result. Anyone have any advice?

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This is now the screen looks.


The last one was during the cook, this one is after it is finished.


Try removing the test mod output directory entry. For a normal mod this allows a local install build for testing rather than a build for upload.

That was it, thank you