upload a build via steampipe for dummies?

So this is my first time trying to upload to steam. This is a blueprint only game.The instructions seem a bit complicated. Am I packaging a shipping build in ureal with steam.appid.txt with 480 in it and put in the root folder , then zipped up?Then uploading somehow? In steam it mentions creating another account with permissions for editing app metadata and publishing to steam, Am I supposed to create a whole new account? If so how does that link to the account I am making the store page with?In the steam tut video , he has some tabs like , " build" ,and under " installation " , a " configuration " tab. but I don’t have a build tab, only a build option under " steampipe" , and that leads me to the build tutorial video. Also no " configuration" tab under installation. I packaged my game with the current SDK v 139 in 4.19.Do I need a later one if there is one? How is the SDK used in the upload/ build process
?I mean is there some other kind of tutorial that walks one through the steps to do all this? Thanks