UPL/APL (Unreal Plugin Language) Reference?

There is a mechanism called UPL (or APL?) through which it is possible to modify the Android manifest and Activity class.
For example this plugin adds some Java methods to the Activity class and calls them through JNI.

It would be interesting to know the list of available commands.
Is there any reference or documentation about this feature?
And if not, which source file could I see to find out more about it?

Fragment of the example library: adding a method to Activity class:

	public boolean AndroidThunkJava_CheckInternetConnection() 

Everything you should know you can find there: :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, that is what I was looking for.

Curious why they made all this XML scripting instead of extending the C# build system.

Thank you very much. I So meet that Problem.

Currently the comment block at the top of UnrealPluginLanguage.cs is the best documentation for UPL. There are some of plugins using UPL which you may reference in Engine/Plugins for example usage.

I didn’t use C# for this to remove the need for compiling and for more flexibility in controlling optional sections.

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You have to be logged into Github and have access to the UnrealEngine. Did you double check for these? Works fine for me.