UPK file Life is Strange

Hello I’m still new to Unreal Engine 4 but so far I do know that this game is based on it. I’d like to use ingame location for making photos but I have no idea how to open them.
They’re just like this
I’ve found in the internet that those file belongs to Unreal Engine. What do I do?

That’s not for UE4 -> take a look at UDK (UE3) :wink:

You won’t be able to just open those files, commercial games made with Unreal Engine have some security so that it’s not easy to extract assets from the game. Unless the developer specifically allows for it.

Thank you both. Normaly people on DeiantART can open it without slightest problem. I don’t think little studio as Dontmod would use any protection but I’ll see thanks again. :slight_smile:
You can lock it now if you need :slight_smile:

All Unreal projects get the files cooked when the game is built, even if it’s made with UDK or UE4, so at a basic level the file is no longer able to be opened after being cooked. The commercial games also get a code assigned which the UDK editor checks to see if it’s allowed to open a file, it’s very basic and prevents the ability to easily open stuff up.

By the way, Dontnod is not a slouch as far as developing games goes. They created their own physically based material system in UE3 when they did Remember Me before UE4 was available. Adding a bit of file protection is nothing.

Yeah i know that I know they’re good i just thought they wouldn’t use it. How come all those people got those files than from the game?
Also when I try to open the UPK file there it says packageversion is 893 but I downloaded the newest UDK so where exactly is the problem?

Unreal Engine is very popular, so people have developed ways to get things out–it’s not legal though unless you get permission from the developer.

The package version is because it’s a commercial game, like I said. I believe UDK can only open package version 1 or 0, each commercial game gets its own package version.

while there are ways to extract things from games, we don’t discuss that here since in most cases it is not legal.

Just to point out, its not Dontmods property but Square-Enix`s, which is not a little studio, but a publisher who pays close attention to its properties. Even the name of the game has a trademark tag on it.

thay use sours film maker sdk