uping a float after clicking a ui button

hi im trying to make a rpg stat system that when you rank up to can upgrade different stats like the old fallouts, but once i click the button once it stops working

I am going to guess “Clicks” is the number of skill points a player can have at time of level up. Surprisingly, there is not way you to check if the player has reached that limit. So assuming clicks is defaulted to a number above “0”, then everytime the player clicks on it, it just keeps on going down by 1. Perhaps that check is somewhere else however.

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Ah, it’s that OnPressed event. I never use it. TBH, I have no idea what the use case would be for that. But if you just simply change it to OnClicked, it will work as intended.

Also, this is what I meant by clamp:

Hi i tried that and it stopped working all togther

You are doing something wrong then. If you watch my stream from that night, you’ll see if working just fine.