UPhysicsHandleComponent grabbing is stopped

Grab the static mesh using UPhysicsHandleComponent and move it.
If you stop moving, wait for the object to finish interpolation, and then move again, the link is broken.
It worked fine in 4.26, the problem is starting from 5.0ea.
Any solution?

There is one other problem.
The act of grabbing an object itself sometimes fails.
If you repeat the action of grabbing an object, moving it, and releasing it, sometimes the object is not caught. After a few tries, you get caught again.
Just in case, I enabled PhysX in 5.0 and tested it, and it works well.
The above mentioned error also does not occur.
It seems to be a problem with Chaos.
Any good solutions?

UP, it happens for me as well, mine keeps spinning very fast when using UPhysicsHandleComponent