Upgrading to 4.11 makes material nodes that are set to linear color... become color

Upgrading to 4.11 makes material nodes that are set to linear color… become color. So it comes in as errors because i have to switch all of those nodes back to linear color… Easy fix but pain in the butt and i thought id report the bug. I think something similiar hapepned when i upgraded from 4.9 to 4.10

Hey kurylo3d,

I just attempted to test this issue on my end and did not get the same results. Could you provide me with a screenshot of the issue on your end, and perhaps a way to reproduce this in a blank project of 4.10.4 and upgrading to 4.11?


Andrew Hurley

No point in taking a screenshot. The problem is literally go into the material editor and a previous image that is an hdr image sampled as a linear color… is now set to just color when i do “open as a copy” for a previously 4.10.4 version project now in 4.11. I simply have to manually switch it back to linear color… I noticed this because in my scene a few of my decals (which i got from infiltrator… water type decals) were some green default broken material color. So i checked the error in the material editor and it told me the image sampler or whatever is set to color and should be a linear color. Best way to test is maybe test infiltrator? since I grabbed these assets from infiltrator and brought them into my project a long time ago.

Well I attempted to open a copy of a project that utilized a few textures samples that were set to ‘Linear Color’ compression setting, but I did not get the same results you are reporting.

Upon opening the 4.11 version of the project, all the texture samples were still set to ‘Linear Color’ as expected. I do remember this issue occurring in previous engine versions, but I also remember it being tied to specific content like the ‘Starter Content’ asset pack.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Andrew Hurley

Thx for trying. Its not the biggest deal in the world since its just a quick switch back to the proper setting, but still i figured id be helpful and report it rather then sweep it under the rug.

We always appreciate users taking the time to enter a bug, even if they don’t see it as an immediate impact on their own projects/minor issues. If it pops up again while you are working, please let us know.