Upgrading to 4.10, visual studio installation

Good day!
I’m trying to move from 4.9 to 4.10, but when I try to install the new version of visual studio through the editor, either by opening an existing project, or through the install option when trying to create new c++ classes, it just pops up with a dialog box telling me about various console commands I can use (the one that pops up if you use !Help), and pressing OK just closes the dialog box. The setup does not pick up from there.

I assume the built in redistributable of visual studio sets up things neatly for me, so I would prefer to use it if possible instead of installing visual studio and setting it myself. (Especially since I’m not really familiar with it)
What can I do?

Hello Graylord,

The editor doesn’t include a full install of Visual Studio 2015. You’ll need to download and install it from Microsoft at the following link:

Community would most likely be the best version for you but be sure to look over the terms of use to ensure this. Please let me know if you have any further issues after installing this.