Upgrading my computer

Hello ladys and gentlemen!

I want to upgrade my computer, because it lags so hard when working with larger projects.
I downloaded the “Open world Demo Collection” - 6.4GB and I can’t even open it since it takes
hours to open.

Components I am currently useing:

Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

CPU: AMD FX™-4100 Quad Core Processor (4x3.6ghz)

RAM: 4GB (Motherboard can use up to 16gb dual channel)

Motherboard: A960G+


So I have a 350€ budget and would like to upgrade my computer.
But I am not sure what exactly I should get.
16 or 8 GB ram? I really wanna get a ssd. And I wonder if I can overclock this motherboard even tho I don’t think so.
Any advices?
Thank you for any answers! :slight_smile:

My advise would be go for 16 GB’s of ram if you can find a good deal if not go for 8 GB and get the biggest SSD you can makes a massive difference when working with large files. I wouldn’t bother with an overclock with that processor, that won’t make much if any difference in engine and your graphics card is recent and isnt really worth upgrading yet unless you want to spend big money. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Yeah, upping the RAM should allow you to work with larger projects (4GB is barely anything these days). 16GB is a good bet. I use 32 but I very rarely (if ever) see RAM usage move past 16.

An SSD will also give you a nice boost overall (just make sure it install a fresh OS on the SSD and any commonly used programs like UE4 or Photoshop, etc.).

As previously mentioned, go with 16gb RAM, don’t bother with “fast” ram, find the 1600Mhz with as low CAS latency that you can. without upping price too much. Cas 9 followed by 10 would be best. Brand doesn’t matter much, I always go with Corsair or Kingston though. Then take what ever you have left of your budget and buy an as big SSD as possible. I would suggest the Samsung EVO drives, but Intel and Kingston are great too. Some cheaper brands work great too but I would not bother with Crucial, have heard of too many colleagues and friends that had really, really weird problems with Crucial SSDs. Also don’t bother with the premium “pro” versions, go with regular consumer versions, it’s not worth the extra. Also, there are softwares that let you move everything from your C: drive into the SSD, so you don’t have to re-install windows. Samsungs SSD migration software is great and super easy to use.

And I will contradict Sitrec and say that Corsair’s MX100 is the best SSD. :slight_smile:

But trust us, with the RAM.

Get 16GB RAM. (60 Euros)
Get at least a 256GB SSD. (150)
Then update your GPU, once you have the money for at least a 290, 290X or 970. (300 Euros currently, for the 290)

These prices are approximate!