Upgrading from Preview Builds to Release Builds

can you upgrade straight from preview builds to release builds?

or is it treated like a new version & you have to install the complete new build & update projects to it?

for instance, if I have 4.10 Preview will it just be an upgrade to 4.10 Release or is it treated like a completely new version?

As far as I know it’s like an update -> so you can update it from preview to the final build :slight_smile:

Where exactly do you see the difference between “Upgrade” and “Completely new version”? You can always upgrade to a completely new version, and you will be able to update from 4.10 Preview to 4.10 just like you are able to upgrade from 4.9 to 4.10.

Is the difference you mean whether you have to click “Convert project” when you open it?

yeah, just wanted to be sure I could go from preview to release builds.

so from what ya’ll say, my project will go straight from 4.10 preview to 4.10 (barring any major changes etc.)

my question may have been confusing, to make it clearer:

if I go from 4.10 preview to 4.10 release, do I have to use ‘Add Version’ in the Launcher?
which means I would have to ‘Convert’ a Project instead of it just running in the release build of 4.10

sorry, another words: is the 4.10 release treated as a ‘New Version’ when using the 4.10 preview build?