Upgrading from PPI to unlimited license


I’ve got about a terabyte worth of images that I’m slowly feeding to RealityCapture. So far I’ve “only” created the models (including their texture) to see if they’re usable, but haven’t exported them/created masks yet, so basically nothing I’d have to use my PPI for (for most of them at least, I did test a couple of exported models). Looking at the price per model and the amount of models I’m going to have to create (probably even more in the future) I’m thinking about actually buying the unlimited/Enterprise license but there’s a weird message that I remember seeing at one point:

That you can’t open a PPI project with the unlimited/Enterprise license.

Is this still true? I’d understand it the other way around but isn’t it in CR’s best interest to get people to buy the more expensive edition for $3750 (instead of just credits every now and then)? And if so, does that mean that all the project I’ve worked on in the last couple of weeks and months, even the ones I already paid for with credits, would be unusable with the unlimited license, let alone on a different PC with the unlimited version’s “floating license”?

Hi Simutech21,

yes this is still true. The PPI project is possible to open in PPI license version. With purchasing the ENT license you can still use PPI as PPI version and if the projects are already licensed, then you will be able to work with them. But you will need to change the application owner (basically changing the license types) 

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I’ve got around 20 projects that I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks/months (a lot of work and processing power went into them) that are basically done (plus a couple more that I’d have to use masks for), I just have to export the 3D files now and with that pay for/license the images. How do I use these projects with the ENT license properly, without paying twice? I can’t export their control points without paying and I’m refusing to pay twice, which you can probably understand.

You will pay once for the project/license the images. But there is no option to open it in ENT as it is PPI project. This is what you need to check and agree when you are using PPI:
You are able jus to export Registration (aligned component) without paying for the images.


You are able jus to export Registration (aligned component) without paying for the images.

What do you mean? I know that you can export the list of images that are currently active but it looks like you can’t export the important stuff that takes long to do, like the control points, without paying.

How long does it take to switch license between projects?

When you export the registration it is basically aligned images. Then you can import this component to a new project and images are already aligned (https://support.capturingreality.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001569011-Working-with-Components-Merging-components)

This will create a rcalign file, which you can import in newly opened project by Import/Component
After import it is already aligned:

It takes seconds. You need to go to Workflow tab/Application/Settings/Licenses/Change application owner
sign in and choose the license. 

Is there anything else from a PPI project I can export/use with the Enterprise version, without paying twice? Alignment is usually done within 5-10 minutes, so that’s not really too much of a problem. Stuff like the control point or some object information (not talking about an e.g. .obj file) would be more important, as that requires manual work and/or takes a lot longer.

You said:

and if the projects are already licensed, then you will be able to work with them

Does that mean that I can use the PPI projects that are already licensed in ENT mode? What about ENT projects, can I open those in PPI mode?


No, just aligned component.

When it is already licensed, you can still open it just in PPI, not ENT. It doesn’t mean that you will be able to open it in ENT. But licenses are saved on our servers for two years. After that time they will be deleted. That is why we recommend to download the license file in the process of licensing.

It is possible to open ENT project in PPI. But for creating exports you need to license the inputs.