Upgraded to Engine 4.16.3 from 4.16.2 breaks Client posess

Hey all,

Not sure if anyone could help with this.

We upgraded the project from 4.16.2 to 4.16.3 the other day and ran into an issue with our networking.

Whenever clients join the game which worked fine before the update, their screen is frozen, it appears they have not possessed the pawn and none of the pawns inputs are working. Although the controllers inputs are working.
We have been heating our heads off the wall for the past 2 days trying to solve this issue with no luck.

Weve done some debugs and it makes it past the possess functions and were assuming everything is working fine, simply the client cannon operate the pawn in anyway .

Any input would be appreciated.

Update: Were still dealing with this issue. We have figured out that it is not due to the update. We are having an issue where the client is getting sent into some sort of alternate world without control of their pawn. The camera is locked and unable to move but all player controller functions work. This is really weird, and were trying to rule out our Steam plugin now. Not sure if anyone has any input on this anything would be appreciated.