Upgraded to 4.23, launching on iOS gets me a "AppleVision failed to load ..."

Hi, I just upgraded to 4.23 yesterday and everything in editor seems great. However, my first time trying to deploy my project to my iPhone I was greeted with this warning and unable to do anything else. I checked my plugins and it is indeed not loaded, my question is why is it being called?

I don’t believe I have turned anything on that references it (because its hard to find any mention of it outside of plugins), in fact I can’t find anything about this in the 4.23 patch notes. I’ve enabled the plugin which prevent me from launching my project to iOS at all - because it requires a mac to compile Applevision and therefore start spitting out bugs about requiring a remote server to compile (ie not PC). The plugin is also labeled experimental and possibly unstable.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I asked on answers (…1770/view.html ) but received no bites and I’m contemplating moving back to a previous version.

I had the same problem, I solved it by deleting all files in the target folder. Make sure there are no files from previous versions.