Upgraded to 4.22, now all builds throw array out of bounds error

Everything runs beautifully in the Editor. No errors or any indication that there is something wrong with the project.

When making a build however, it crashes almost immediately upon running the exe. Right now, we are just building for Windows, but will also need iOS support. This array that the error is referencing seems to exist within the Engine itself (not our project) and is causing all kinds of issues.

The only way we’ve been able to get a build to function is by enabling the Event Driven Loader Enabled value in the Project Settings, but this is causing most of our game assets to not load into the project upon start up, which is unacceptable.

Since there seems to be no documentation on the function of the Event Driven Loader, we are hesitant to enable it until we fully understand what it does. We also can’t seem to find this array that keeps going out of bounds. Nothing we do will reliably change that number or have any effect at all.

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.