Upgrade to PhysX 3.4 & PhysX Changes

Hey guys,

Would be marvellous if y’all could update the engine to the latest PhysX SDK, and in the process add engine support / access for some of it’s new features too. It has a lot of new things for vehicles, like anti-roll bars, improved suspension sweeps etc. One thing I’m interested in in particular is this:

- Introduced a new enhanced determinism mode. See PxSceneFlag::eENABLE_ENHANCED_DETERMINISM. This provides additional levels of rigid body simulation determinism at the cost of some performance.
- New "immediate mode" API has been added. This exposes access to the low-level contact generation and constraint solver, which allows the application to use these PhysX low-level components to perform its own simulations without needing to populate and simulate a PxScene.

Some of us are currently working on a Networked PhysX Component, and these two things would undoubtebly be very helpful.

Additionally, it would be truly awesome if we could choose to fix PhysX Timestep in project settings. A breif tutorial on how to achieve this is outlined here:

EDIT: So I’ve been told we’re already using PhysX 3.4 in 4.14 and above (doh, i’m on 4.13 still) - how’s about first-class support for some of these features in project settings though?

+1 For exposing more features.

Interested if the vehicles are going to be upgraded to the new wheel collision features in 3.4?

I thought they upgraded to 3.4 with 4.14.
I’m confused.