Upgrade to 4.18 now landscape painter crashes unreal

I upgrade from 4.16 to 4.18 so I skipped 1 update. Now when I open the landscape painter the engine crashes.
I checked some logging myself and there seems to be a shader cache missing… I am not that technical.
The landscape uses a landscape material with some layers (nothing special)

Can you show us the logs? Otherwise there’s no way to know what the problem is.

link textyep here is the log.

Found something interesting: I switched back to the defered renderer (I was working with forward shading) and everything seemed to work normal. Now I am thinking of a work around… I paint my landscape in defered rendering and a play my game in forward shading. Not tested Yet.

Ok Ok for anyone interested I switched back and forward between forward rendering and defered shading. terrain layer painter crashes on forward shading and doesnt on defered rendering. So…

I paint terrain defered rederer and play forward renderer :0) Hope it helps somebody.

BTW: they almost look identical and performance is also almost identical so I think its time to remove the defered renderer completely.