Upgrade to 4.18 broke my skeletal mesh animations?

This is really strange. I upgraded to 4.18 from 4.15 and have discovered that some of my animations for my character are no longer working properly. For example I have it set up for the player to be able to take out a notebook from their pocket and look at it. It’s a simple animation that has the player move their hand to a set position but that doesn’t work anymore. It’s like the animation freezes part way through. Also, when I tried to check to make sure the animation itself is still working, the Animation (and Blueprint) tab is using the wrong skeletal mesh and I can’t see a way to re-assign it as it’s greyed out. The Mesh tab is using the correct mesh though. Very strange.

Were there some major changes made to skeletal meshes between 4.15 and 4.18?
Any idea how to fix this?


Anyone have any guesses as to why this would happen?

Ok, after playing around a bit, I managed to get the association of my character mesh fixed. I double clicked on the character’s Skeleton asset and notice the button for “Preview Mesh” in the top bar. When I switched this to the correct skeletal mesh, in the bottom right corner it said something like “Preview Mesh Applied Temporarily” and gave a button to make it permanent. Once I did this, I saved and closed the skeleton and then re-opened and my character was back to normal. Also loaded up the Montage I had created for the Notebook and scrubbed it back and forth to see if everything was fine. Then I re-imported one of the animations, saved and it’s fixed in game. No idea what caused the issue in the first place, but it’s fixed now so if anyone else runs into the same problem, hopefully this will solve it for you.