Upgrade LevelTick.cpp

UE4.15P3 (MacOS)

How i can upgrade/replace one function of engine’s source LevelTick.cpp?


As plugin or maybe like “another way” … I mean w/o full recompile sources of UE


Yeah, that’s a problem. You can always try to compile source code from GitHub, but this is very long process. If you use some precompiled version - like almost everyone here - function in LevelTick.cpp is obviously compiled before and included in some library. The way I would try is to change World.h file to actually make ProcessLevelStreamingVolumes as virtual function, after this make some class inheriting from UWorld with new ProcessLevelStreamingVolumes function and… well, somehow make Unreal Engine to load your UWorld child class instead of normal one.

Like move function outside to another module? hm