upgrade from amd 7770 1 GB to GTX 970 4 GB

Hello there,
I am thinking to upgrade my pc, I use unreal engine to develope archiviz application so I use very high lightmap, heavy textures…
Currently my pc is:

processor: AMD FX 8350
motherboard: AS Rock Extreme 6
RAM: 16 GB
hd: 512 SSD
graphic card: amd 7770 1 GB
power supply: Corsair TX 650W

I would like to change my graphic card with gtx 970, what do you think? Is it a good idea?
I am also thinking about R9 380 X (that is cheaper) but i red that this graphic card has a lot of problem with Unreal, doesn’t it?

Thank you in advance.

GTX 980 is a much better choice. GTX 970 has some memory issues related to its weird memory allocation system.

I know but i don’t have a huge budget to buy gtx 980, can you advice me another graphic card? Max 350€
Thank you so much.

If that’s the case then GTX 970 is a better choice than AMD’s current cards (I couldn’t wait to upgrade from AMD as well, saving money to buy a GTX 980). There are two GTX 970 cards that were highly praised by TechReport, the MSI GTX 970 Gaming and Asus Strix GTX 970.

Perfect. Thank you so much