Upgrade button doesnt work

Im facing an issue in my upgrade system of the character level. Explanation: I have two classes, the thirdperson blueprint (renamed as runcharacter) and the GamecharacterPage, which is widget. On this widget there is a progressbar which shows the current xp divided the xp needed. In the runcharacter i have the function AddCardsLJ, which is responsible for the process of adding xp and leveling the character up. I put a get all widgets of class note in between, to get the button and check if it was pressed, if so, the you should be able to upgrade via a button. It should look then like this: If the progressbar is at 100% or else you are able to level up, a button should become visible, you press it and level up. In my case it is doing this, but only for the first time. After the first upgrade it automatically levels up. I know this may sound complex and if you have other questions, please contact me here or via discord: king Baldwin IV, formally known as icraize #7877. Thanks for everyone who tries to help me, if i get the solution i will post it here :slight_smile: quick info, i deleted the cast to run character and everything else on the button in the widget and only printed a string message. So dont get confused when seeing it on the screenshot. The button on press event is now only connected to a print string