Updating Widget Source

Hi everyone, i’m trying to make an widget UI for my VR android project.
I’ve created a widget in my vehicle viewport. And now I cannot come up with a method to update this widget.

In user interface I switched the widget class to my HUD which is changing durnig the game and the widget gets only the starting state and is not updating.

Do you want to see an update during PIE (Play in Editor) or in the viewport above?

Which part of the widget is not updating?

What is the code responsible for updating it and how are you triggering it?

Are you expecting things to happen automatically in your widget (counters ticking) or you need to feed the widget external data?

Generally speaking, in order to update the widget component’s embedded widget you access it by Get User Widget Object and cast it to the correct type - it’s a shot in the dark as I’m unsure what is going on there at the moment.

Please do consider elaborating a bit more.

Yes, more details ad screen shots of the blueprints.