Updating Unreal Engine Launcher slow download speeds

Once my launcher is around > 50% downloaded the speeds always seem to drop to something lower than 50kB/sec. Does anyone else see this? I’ve noticed this a few times when the launcher updates so I figured I’d check.

Could this be downloaded in the background instead of making people wait? And while I’m sitting here waiting, another idea is to allow the launcher to go full screen (or at least bigger pictures of marketplace content). And allow videos of marketplace items. To me it seems like the launcher is getting lots added to it and having a medium sized window for so much content makes me sad :(. Yay, it’s done…)


I have this all the time. Not only when updating the launcher, but also when downloading an engine version via the launcher.
For most of the time I coast along with 3MByte/sec. And then it drops down to 0-200 KByte/sec.
Then it jumps up to 3 Mbyte/sec again, just to fall off again after a while.
What really takes long for me is fecthing the images from the marketplace. I see only the standby animation for minutes…


Thanks for adding the full screen ability! Still curious if the download could be made in the background because I still get slow speeds even though my internet is normally fast