Updating UE4 (Pause/Resume) Issue

You gotta be kidding… Do I always have to be more careful when updating? This is annoying. Every time I paused the update (The update is about 900 MB), exit the launcher and when I try to resume it, it looks like I’m already re-installing the whole engine (Now about 4 GB). Is it just me or everyone do notice this? Please help!

Hi MGRSlayer,

Sorry to see you’re having a bad experience! That certainly is not intended behaviour. I tried to reproduce this myself, but it resumed ok for me.

I started a download of 4.7.6, used the Pending Tasks window to pause the download, then closed the launcher confirming the dialog. When opening the Launcher again, I clicked Resume on 4.7.6. Are those the steps you took too?

Could you please provide a zip of your whole Logs folder, I hope to track down what caused this problem for you. The log folder is here:



Thanks for replying. I’m not sure of about the Pending Tasks you said but is it the Task Manager? And what Log should I pick? the very first one or all of them?

Uh hello? is there anything I can do to prevent this? What should I do now? I sent the Log so what now?

Hi MGRSlayer,

We’ve been able to reproduce your issue, while resuming a download for an engine version or game works correctly, it appears this is not the case for updating. We’re working on getting a fix for this, in the meantime it’s recommended that once you start an update that you let download to the end without pausing/stopping or closing the launcher. We thank you for bringing this to our attention and will let you know when the fix goes out.

-Max B.

I could see the issue is still persist. I tried downloading 4.12 and somehow it stopped and again when i launched the editor it was not resuming it. All 20 gb which i downloaded was ruined. Thought to trust UE again and downloaded some21 gb and again it stopped allowing and now its not allowing to me download remaining files. I was using unity and i heared UE is much better . And this wt UE even not allowing its customer to download the complete engine. Will wait for some solution till today after that wil be never using UE again

Hi Venky,

In order for us to best support you, we have recently modified our process for how we handle Launcher issues.

Please visit: http://help.epicgames.com

Here you will find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance.