Updating to new versions of TADP

Hi Android Devs!

I spoke today with our resident head Android developer, as it has come up recently whether or not UE4 users wishing to develop for Android are obliged to use the version of Tegra Android Development Pack listed in the editor documentation, which is TADP-2.0r8. Upgrading to the newest version is relevant mostly for folks who want to develop for the Nvidia Shield Tablet, but he advised that anyone who has any version of 4.7 editor should feel free to update to the most recent version of TADP (Release (4.0r1)), but that during the setup process to make sure that you have SDK 19 and NDK checked when installing. So feel free to update, it should be fine if you make those two changes.

Good new for me, well, I don’t know, Maybe my lucky day :rolleyes:
Thank you for this new, i will try.

But there would be a annoying problem by updating to new versions of TADP. When every time UE4 generates the new Visual Studio Project Files, and then the projec files open by Visual Studio, there would be a Dialog that Upgrade the project files into the latest Nsight Tegra project files formats.

It is very annoying since I would adds C++ source files frequently. When every time I adds C++ files and regenerate Visual Studio Project Files, then I got that annoying upgrading dialog.

Updated to new versions of TADP doesn’t work for me , i can not build cook or package any Android game.

Hi ChrisTM,

I’m sorry you’re having this problem. During setup, did you make sure to have SDK 19 and NDK checked? Those are the only specific notes that the dev had for me in regards to upgrading the TADP.

Hello Wittlief,

Yes, exactly as you said in the first thread. I just downloaded Master Branch and Setup.bat has downloaded all required file too.
I will try to build UE4 , I never done something like this. Please wittfield, wish me luck.

Have a great day thank you

I successfully updated the TADP. I had to install JDK and Apache Ant, else it would fail building. Additionally I manually set the paths to the SDK, NDK, JDK and ANT in the Editor settings.