Updating to a new version with github desktop client

Hi everybody,

I have been struggling with the github client for some time now and decided to post a thread on the community forum (i did use search function, couldn’t find anything related to my issue)

So let’s get to the point :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s say for example i’m using version 4.1.0 and there is a new version 4.2.1

*I did select the new version synced it (get a missing files and compile error)

Question’s :

  1. When there is a new version do i have to download the required zip 1 & 2 make a new repo and sync it. put in the required zip files. recompile UE4 ?

  2. How do i update to the new version correctly ?

I did check unreal engine’s youtube channel. only video there is. is the github setup but it says nothing about updating to a new version. or i must of missed it.

Sorry if i sound stupid i never worked with github before.