Updating to 4.21 makes my UMG widget slate brush unable to update

Hi all,

I recently updated my engine to 4.21 because I need Richtextblock as part of my project. In light of this matter, my UMG no longer updates resource on slate brushes.

I’ve went through the change log and found this

Bug FIx: When slate brushes are updated with a new resource object through the details panel we need to manually invalidate their rendering resource cache otherwise the images don’t update in the designer.

Have the issue actually been addressed?

I appreciate the time to read this, I am happy to discuss if the fault is on my end

Edit: I made 3rd copy of my project. I can confirm that the problem lies after I updated my project. The blueprint is still the same.

Can anyone explain what the log meant? “manually invalidate their rendering resource cache”

I used the invalidate Layout and volatility note but it doesn’t fixe