Updating text in widget results in duplicate text

The goal of the blueprints is to have it so when an action is performed, points are added. But whenever the text in the widget is updated, it results in a weird duplication that looks like this:

This is the part of the blueprint on my character that updates the points

and this is the blueprint of the widget

Nevermind, solved the problem. I had both a player start and another instance of the Pawn in my scene so it was creating the widget twice, deleting the Pawn fixed the problem.

Thanks, I had the same problem.

Additionally this also might happen when you’re doing a multiplayer game, on C++ when you create the widget you should make it something like this:

if(IsLocallyControlled()) {
      myUserWidget = CreateWidget<UMyUserWidget>(this, UMyUserWidget::StaticClass());

Alternatively, if you’re doing by blueprint you can look for the same name “IsLocallyControlled” to accomplish the same thing…