Updating Skeleton keeps unwanted bones


Is there a way to remove old/unwanted bones from a skeleton?

An example I have. I attached a scarf to my character and added 4 scarf bones to the rig. An update to the model removed the scarf and so I exported a new skeletal mesh/rig with the 4 bones also removed. When I update/reimport in unreal, the 4 bones still show up in the hierarchy but greyed out.

Another example is updating bones used for attachments. I export out additional bones for sockets to be applied to (a back_attachment bone) at one point I had to update which bone this attachment bone is parented to. In this case, I reparented it from spine_02 to spine_03 and re exported the new rig. In unreal this attachment bone is still a child of spine_02 in the hierarchy even thought it should be the child of spine_03 now.

Through 3-4 iterations, my skeleton file has become quite messy and hard to understand. Is there a way to cleanly update the skeleton file instead of constantly “merging” in my updates to it?

Any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Asset → Remove Unused Bones From Skeleton


In my case I had one root bone to many I re import my model and first bone (removed) is stll there but in red and removing unused doesn’t work. what now? because the bone is affecting my character movement


you are my savior !!!

Hats off to you! Thank you so much.