Updating morph target on spawned skeletal mesh through editor utility widget 4-26


I am using UE version: 4.26.1

I would like to spawn a skeletal mesh and update it’s morph targets. For this purpose I am using editor utility widget. The spawning happens and by printing out the morph target value it seems to be updated, however the skeletalmeshactor, in the level, is unchanged.


Slider (after spawning)

The values seems to be changing

Is there an update actor kind of step that should be done after the “Set Morph Target” node?

Thank you!


Same for me on 5.0 EA. Maybe an issue?

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Does anyone know how to set a morph target on a mesh in the editor when not in PIE? I’m trying to create a tool to edit facial animation.

I was struggling with the same problem for quite some time now.
I managed to force an update on the mesh with the node “set editor property”.
I just created a new variable “morph” which is only used for this purpose. Also the value actually needs to be changed in order for it to work.