Updating loads of BP after version upgrades - what a nightmare!

We have quite a large BP-based project that works fine when running in the editor as well as from a packaged build. We started with this project several UE versions ago and always updated the project to the latest engine version - which always worked fine. However, now we noticed that apparently since one of the last engine version upgrades the BP functions are not being called in standalone mode any more - they all do compile fine w/o errors, but they are just not being called. So the whole project does not work any longer.

I wrote to Epic support and asked them how to proceed, but unfortunately they told me there is no way to automatically fix all those BP assets. We would need to re-create all of them from scratch (i.e. create new BP assets for each existing asset and copy over all functions and macros and BP graphs).

But frankly that’s a horrible “solution”! We use several BP and UMG assets in the project, combined they have hundreds of functions and macros. Re-creating all these assets from scratch and copying over all their content would take us ages. Moreover we cannot just c&p the assets and BP graphs, as due to copying they become new BP classes, so all the references and parameters in the original assets, which are of the old BP types, would need to be updated by hand as well.

Is there really no other solution? This is a big problem for us - we are a very small team and re-creating all these assets from scratch would take us weeks. We do not have the man power to do that properly in time. And it seems to be error prone as well. Please help, we are out of ideas here :frowning: