Updating engine w/ C++ (ERRORS)

I wanted to update from 4.24 to 4.26 so I:

  1. Created a new blank C++ project in 4.26
  2. Opened old project and migrated old Content to new Content
  3. Copied CPP and H files from old Source to new Source
  4. Updated H files line **class ProjOld_API AMyActor : public AActor **to class ProjNew_API AMyActor : public AActor
  5. Rebuilt project (no errors or warnings)

But when I load the persistent level, a bunch of blueprints are missing (but not all) and I get a whole heap of errors (see pic).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Okay, got there in the end.

I followed this guide:

But the formatting of the redirects is different. My version:


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