Updating content is a nightmare

Generally, I’m patient and I try not to complain, but this problem touches me too much now. I asked to update my “Scavenger’s Loot Pack” over a month ago and after trying to contact Epic stuff several times, got no answer (at least from a human).

I know, I’m not the only one who updates his/her packs on the Marketplace to make them more interesting, to improve quality etc… and I’m not just talking about new Engine compatibility, I mean updating or adding new content to the pack. One of my pack strongly relies on such updates as I “promised” that, from time to time, I’ll add new objects. So far it’s been a nightmare. I’ve released 3 updates by now, but none of them went smooth. The time you need to wait for the update is like 2-3 weeks! I mean, come on…New packs are being added quicker now. I’ve been the seller since early beginnings of the Marketplace, and “time” has always been a problem. I know, and I see a lot of improvements, but I think that the Marketplace team is just too small and cannot handle the traffic. I just can’t imagine if a customer finds a bug or some issue with the content and needs to wait 3+ weeks in order to get it updated/fixed.

I would be very thankful if you could get back to me and update my pack.

This is just a tip of an iceberg of all Marketplace issues. Here I’d like to share a great article by Micheal Allar @Allar about other things that Epic should consider in the future (link).


Yes I’m waiting for that said update since the beginning :S

By myself I haven’t experienced such issues with updates. By far the longest time I had to wait for an update to go online was slightly over a week.

It’s sad that it’s necessary but when you didn’t get an answer within a week or if something is really important just write a PM to Adam, then things are been looked at really quickly. Not so uncommon that mails get lost in their system.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:
Hopefully Epic will introduce some admin-side system where you could update your file on your own.
I’ll PM Adam if nothing happens today. Thank you.

To be honest, if you don’t get a reply from them after 2-3 days, pm Adam or Stephanie. Their ticketing system all too often loses emails and unless you hassle them they don’t even know it’s missing. I had an update earlier this year that took over 3 weeks for them to process so I share your pain.