Updating Capsule Player component position at the end of a non-root motion walk drive – not working

Dear all
To recreate cinematic sequences beyond the standard character axis movement I (event) trigger an animated walk sequence for my player and (because I am not using rootmotion (see bellow)) the character jumps back to the initial position. My work around this: upon the EndOfAnimation notify I simply relocate the capsule (with Set World Location and Rotation (target CapsuleComponent)). Problem: At the end of the drive (say from x=0 to x=100) the character makes a abnormal jump from 200 to 100. How can I solve this?

It seems the capsule “Set World Location and Rotation” gives an extra impulse to the charater which it regrets the next frame… correcting it

Can we by any way disable this effect? Other way around?

Why I am not using root-motion:
I am using Biped (Max) characters with no root bone in the 0/0/0 position. My root motion scheeme does not work (characters float around the bip001 skeletal origin which is animated).

What about using SetActorLocationAndRotation on the actor, not on the capsule?

Thank you Zoubi. I followed your suggestion but the very same result takes place with the actor (your proposal): After the animated drive the character gives a double jump (forth and back) on an extra drive landing on the right spot (x = 100). To repositioning I am using the monitored location of the bip001_ socket. José Mateus