Updating ARK Dev Kit[Help]

I went to update my ARK Dev Kit today 02/29/2016, and it failed because it says the hard drive needs more space to update the Dev Kit. It says I need 74GB more space. The kit already takes 60GB of space as is. As per statement from the ARK Dev Kit, “Create your own ARK: Survival Evolved mods to share…The Ark Dev Kit includes ALL of the content in the full game, so be prepared for a sizeable download, 42GB to be exact. Happy modding, everyone!”
I feel that this needs to be revised to reflect the true space being used. I purchased a ssd just for this, which has 120GB. Only the ARK Dev Kit and Unreal Engine are on this drive, nothing else is on this drive. I really do not know how to fix this problem, short of having to buy another ssd, which are not cheap.

Sorry for the long story. So the question is, “Why is the dev kit not updating properly or is the dev kit 134GB?”

its a issue with the launcher not the dev kit nothing they can do about it

It is an unfortunate implementation on Epic’s side apparently, their launcher seems to “need” an inordinately large amount of space for each update to install correctly. I do not know of a way around this other than Epic fixing how their launcher handles ARK.

My advice would be to install the DevKit on a hard drive, if you do not have or cannot obtain a larger SSD. The SSD would provide faster access times for the DevKit, but, the capacity isn’t really there for most people, and the DevKit needs nothing but space - it will continuously grow.


Thank you for the responses.