Updating a reflection sphere in real-time?


I have a question about reflection sphere’s. I have this scene where you can turn on/off dynamic lights. When they are all turned off and the scene is dark (night time) I can still see the reflections of these lights in the glass reflection. I need to press “update captures” to get rid of them inside the editor. My question is, can you code/script it that it updates that reflection sphere in real-time, so when I’m running my level on a touch screen, and I hit the lamp/light to turn it on/off it updates the captures?

Thanks in advance,

  • Wesley

I also wanted to post something else, perhaps someone reading this can help out with this? My reflections are very pixelated on my glass shader, I’m using temperalAA and I tried adjusting some of the material settings in the translucent settings. Nothing seemed to improve this. And changing my AA settings makes my scene look much worse. Anyone an idea what this might be? Or where to look? Thanks!


I’ve been looking to do something similar, such as having two cubemaps: one with lights on and one with lights off, and using a blueprint to switch between them. I’m sure this must be possible but I haven’t been able to figure out how yet.

Anyone here who can verify if this is possible?