Updating a plugin

Please is there a way to compile a plugin when you have a soucre code? I am asking for this:

I really need to use this so please how can I do it?

Just copy the plugin in your projects /Plugins folder and compile your project, you require your project to be a code project and you need visual studio on windows or xcode on mac. Once the plugin is compiled you should be able to activate it within the editor.

Ty it seems like it would be working but I have a problem building any of the projects.
see my post please:

How to update ShowdownVR Demo game to the latest OSVR-Unreal plugin source? Unreal Engine 4.13 Preview is the platform. Is it same as Unreal Engine 4.12. For example, GitHub - OSVR/OSVR-Unreal: OSVR plugin for Unreal Engine Thank you for your help.