Updating a mod to work with the newest build.

The creator of Personal Beacons has abandoned his project and put the files on Github. I am wondering how to go about updating it so it works with the latest build of the game. I cannot figure out if it just needs a repack or if something needs to be rewritten. The original is here and the files are here GitHub - duncanas/arkmods. I am not opposed to someone else making it work if they want but in order to learn how to update mods it would be appreciated if someone could point me in the right directions.

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First off you can just load the mod into the dev kit and then just cook it. Most likely there shouldn’t be any changes needed. If it throws an error in testing or playing then that would be something to look at, but most mods simple don’t need “regular updates” as many believe unless WC changes certain things that are directly adjusted/relied upon within the mod.

looks like a normal storage box with a switch for particle effects, i highly doubt that there’ll be any issues with you just doing what AlleyKilla mentioned
you can also check out how to do just that by going on youtube and search for “ark modding” i think the first tutorial should cover everything you need to go through this.

I had computer issues and just was able to get back to trying this. I attempted to recook the mod as suggested but it still locks the game up when trying to craft the item. You can spawn it with the spawn code and then it locks the game up. I tried duplicating the mod and play with different settings in it, this did not help but it did reveal an error that is in both the original and the dup. The error is

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.