Updating a Game (Help)

Greetings everyone.

I’ve reach a point where I want to release my game on beta version (open world mmorpg), and I’ve searched the internet for the best way to update/patch my game with most convenient way.

so I’ve heard about DLC and I thought why not but my question is since the DLC requires a new map which is fine, what about the new blueprints I create? or the ones already made before but modified? does the DLC serves them as an update? does the new assets count in the DLC?

if what I just said doesn’t make any sense for some reason let me give an example:

lets say my game version is 1.0.0 and it had 100 items and 4 characters
and I made the DLC as version 1.1.0 and I included 200 items and 8 characters + modified old characters and items, does the DLC modify older game files?

or does anybody have some better idea? please share.

and thank you!

anybody please!

I’m not at all versed with release info but since you asked for anybody ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you can start here…yment/Patching >

imo, using patches like the dlc content on steam would be a huge no-go. You could potentially break client behavior if you give them the opportunity to just switch off certain bps. Would only be ok in parts of the game where you don’t think it matters, i.e. parts of the game where non-dlc enabled players cannot access, or actors that would have interactions with preexisting assets but the new actors have those interactions pre-programmed regardless of dlc packages such that a client with the dlc package can access those actors and not crash non-dlc clients.